sidecar furniture :: custom designed and hand-crafted by david johnson

The Maria Chair

This chair is inspired by a chair that Maria had seen at a friend’s home. I couldn’t let myself merely copy the original so I took only the elements that I liked and built upon them.

The Maria Chair is constructed with draw bore mortise and tenon joinery. A draw bore joint uses a peg to reinforce the tenon and pull the joint tighter as the peg is inserted. This method is often used in antique timber frame buildings that were built without any metal hardware and it is exceptionally strong.

At the intersection of the chair legs and arms the seam is accented by a slight rounding over of the shoulder of the joint. Since wood moves slightly with changes in temperature and humidity a flush joint never stays flush. This is fine except when the joint is at a place where hands rest and any ridge will be noticed. Making the seam noticeable is a way to control how the seam is felt and perceived.


24”wide x 36”deep x 30” high at back
Seat height 14”


Urban forested walnut, cane seat and back, urban forested elm pegs